We Goblins Three


MATT (age 11) discovers a long forgotten portal in his back yard that connects our world with THE REALM - a place filled with all kinds of Magical Creatures.  Matt befriends three little goblins TILLY, TENG and TUK when he catches them transporting packages from one part of their world to another through his town via the portal. Matt does his best to get through his day at school with his best friend ARMAND and his sister EMMIE, but the Goblins are always up to mischief making his life intermittently fantastic and miserable.

This live action mixed media adventure series produced by Pukeko Pictures, sister company of Weta Workshop, and producers of Thunderbirds are Go!, The Wot Wot’s and Jane and the Dragon showcases fantastic otherworldly creatures from the award winning Weta Workshop that live and breathe in our world with real kids in real environments.

We Goblins Three. Sharp Teeth - Warm Heart…

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© 2017 ATE

© 2017 ATE