Raven's Ridge

ravens ridge.jpg

Welcome to raven's ridge...

No, strike that, the truth is the place is not that welcoming. On the surface it’s a sleepy English village, but dig a little deeper and there’s something a little …off centre about the place, as our new arrivals will be finding out.

Meet TRICIA BLACKBURN (Trish) and her mother, ALEXANDRA (Xandra), fresh from the US and set to make Raven’s Ridge their new home. Xandra is a reality TV star, a Ghost Whisperer whose show is gaining an audience for its low brow over the top take on the paranormal.  Problem is, Alexandra is a fake. Her mother was the genuine article, but the psychic gift has skipped a generation and jumped onto the shoulders her daughter, Trish.

Now Xandra makes ridiculous proclamations on her show ’Beyond the Grave’ about unsolved mysteries and ghostly appearances that Trish and her newfound friends have to solve.  

This live action adventure series (Riverdale meets Buffy meets Hot Fuzz) produced by Pukeko Pictures, sister company of Weta Workshop, and producers of Thunderbirds are Go!, The Wot Wot’s and Jane and the Dragon, showcases fantastic creatures and characters from the award winning Weta Workshop.

Created by Rich Correll (creator of Hannah Montana & The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) and Mike Polis (Yo Gabba Gabba!, Mirrormask).