One Hundred Souls

Ambrose Kaidan, an immortal ghost hunter is cursed with capturing and returning 100 ghostly souls in order to free his wife Elizabeth from The Ghost King. Jack, his 18 year old son is along for the ride and resentful that he’s there. A horror graphic novel by Atomic Toybox Ent.

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corrupted souls walk the earth with the power to posess the weak

It started seemingly innocently enough. A lost dog, missing cats and small animals were reported on occasion. Then there were missing people. A couple of kids – teens assumed drowned in lovers suicide during a storm off the beach. No bodies recovered, but the sea is unforgiving. Then a worker on a power line – seemingly possessed – laughing demonically and crackling with energy – sending bolts of electricity from his fingers shocking those around him. Listed as a freak accident. He’s still in intensive care. What, is going on?

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A Five issue limited series

Present day, Portland ME, and Jack is on the run.  For years he was seemingly abandoned by his father - an older weathered New Englander – Ambrose. Now that Ambrose is back in his life,  Jack’s seen some strange things, learned some strange rituals but it’s not really what he wants to be doing. Now it’s all gone to hell and he’s got to figure out a way to finish Ambrose’s last assignments and rescue him in the process. Jack’s got a guilty conscience. He should. It’s his own damned fault he’s in this predicament.

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Spirits have been wandering around since time immemorial. Some are just left behind, some don’t want to leave and some are just lost. None of these are really dangerous if you know what to do. But some, yes some, have escaped from another place. They’ve been corrupted and are corrupting the world we live in. There are enough of them that are out. They need to be stopped before it’s too late...

brODDcast, a brand new way to create!


brODDcast™ is a new content creation and digital puppetry tool that gives existing YouTube creators a brand new avenue for expression, while allowing an entire new audience of would-be creators a chance to have their voices heard.

The app uses a proprietary new technology where character mouth movements mimic the actor in real-time, allowing creators to record live sketches with vibrant and hilarious puppets. Featuring fully customizable characters and sets, hilarious caricatures of world figures and celebrities, and an easy-to-learn touch interface for tablets and phones, brODDcast™ is every creative person’s chance to play, experiment and share their voice in new and exciting ways.



Get Ready for Action!


In 1966, Captain Action, made his mark as the original super hero action figure. Soon he ventured beyond toy shelves, to conquer the world of comics, collectibles and more. This wholly owned property with Captain Action Enterprises, LLC has a robust offering of products and categories for the collector fan market. It is being developed for television as a kids, 6-11 yrs, mixed media series with Pukeko Pictures.  

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Chub City: Battle for Ener-Z


Welcome to a high-tech and action-packed property where racing, car customization, and comedy combine in a battle for a powerful new energy source.

In the new program beginning TV development, the customized cars are raced by a team of teenage characters at CHUB City Battle Rallies.  The rally sites “pop up” spontaneously in different parts of the globe, with heroes and villains arriving by train, ship, truck and helicopter in their container units that become the building blocks for these instant cities.  Fans go wild, flocking to the newest race site, excited to see these futuristic cars and their teen drivers battle it out.



You're invited to a Creepover!


CREEPOVER is a middle-grade book series from Simon Spotlight, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, that combines two things that kids love, sleepovers and scary stories. With 18 books in the series, there are a lot of creepy stories choose from! In development as a live action series for kids 8-11 years old.


Terror Behind the Mask

Fortress Feud


In the ancient Feudal East, two clans -
- under the threat of
have been forced to put aside a
LONG-HELD FEUD and reunite under one roof.

“The family that slays together, stays together.”



It Only Looks Expensive


Created by Pete Mitchell & Michael Polis, Found Object Theatre combines real objects in a real miniaturized town built to scale with our key characters. 

Augmenting our scripts are talented & well known comedians, improvisational artists and actors that can follow the script but also improvise their way to stardom. Each character will be “hand manipulated” and voiced with animation overlaid on the action to create the visual personality. 

Rich Sommer - Of Mad Men and The Devil Wears Prada, stars as Hank, our lovable liar. Additional guest talent, (comedians, musicians, etc) lend their voices and performance skills in each episode. 




The Robotany Corporation's goal was to design the perfect bio-weapon. By combining scientifically enhanced plant hybrids and robot technology, they would create autonomous living machines with the ability of self regeneration and camouflage. The task was assigned to the Caraway scientists, mother and father to the twins Sienna and Bracken.


forces of good and evil are at war and nature hangs in the balance...

Reluctant to make such brutal creatures that would ultimately be unleashed into the world, the Caraway's secretly undermined the corporation using their own, covertly developed, nanotechnology plant hybrids. The results were astonishing: They created sentient beings capable of thought and compassion. These are the GROWBOTS.

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Helios - leader of the growbots

The first of his kind. Large and courageous, powered by the sun he can regenerate his damaged body. He has the uncanny ability to camouflage himself into his surroundings and elude detection.

Helios' mission is to lead his fellow Grobots in the conflict against the villainous Robotany creatures, trying to protect humans and living systems from harm.

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Liberty Meadows


Based on the popular strip created by Frank Cho compiled into a series of books that have been in print for over 15 years, Liberty Meadows has found a large fan following of both men & women given it’s strong female character leads and it’s sensual art style and edgy comedic subject matter. More and more young women are now watching animation with no real venues for them.  It’s Sex & the City with an Archer like pacing - set in an Animal Sanctuary with a triangle of human relationships interacting with a menagerie of dysfunctional animals contributing to the ongoing chaos. 

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Art and gaming come together in the underground culture of Sideway, an adventure through a two-dimensional realm that comes to life on the urban canvas.

Released in 2010 as a critically-acclaimed title on the Playstation Network and Steam, Sideway is primed for expansion into multiple media. Sideway follows Nox, a rebellious New York youth, and his mysterious adventures through the realm on the city’s walls. Ruling over this illustrated world is Spray, a mysterious and sinister being; a dark artist who commands supernatural power over line and stroke.



Warriors, Wackos and Weirdos...
Start Your Engines!


The ultimate car race… 

Fans screaming your name… 

Adrenaline is your fuel… 

But wait! You have NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE DOING! 

Blitz is an average 10 year-old who suddenly gets an amazing invitation when he’s asked to join the Speed Freakz circuit, giving him the chance to follow in the footsteps of his famous car-racing father… 

All that Blitz knows about cars could pretty much be summed up in the instruction manual of the latest video racing game. He’s an ace virtual racer but driving an actual high powered machine is another matter entirely! 

Making matters even more challenging, Blitz’s co-pilot/babysitter is his 13 year-old sister Bex which takes ‘getting along’ to a whole new level. Living and hanging out with the other oddballs on the circuit adds up to a fast and freaky ‘engine’ of super-charged comedy situations that complements the action of the competitions. 

Our sibling heroes may both be new to the world of racing, but they feel obliged to follow in their famous dad’s footsteps (make that tire-tracks) and live up to his proud legacy. They definitely have it in them to succeed… provided they can work as a team well enough to actually cross the finish line! 

As they enter the Speed Freakz world of crazy tracks and even crazier competitors, the siblings are in for a wild ride. So, fasten your seatbelts! 



He's your bud, he can fly, it's Superhigh!


Superhigh, the cuddly cannabis, was originally created for a cancer patient who was reluctant to use medical marijuana for their nausea and vomiting. The plush was so popular that he made future appearances at trade shows and events all over the country. As Superhigh's popularity grew, his friends Highdy and Jr. High were added to the line. Look for Superhigh comics and collectibles coming soon at the Superhigh store.

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(c) 2017 ATE

(c) 2017 ATE

Raven's Ridge

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Welcome to raven's ridge...

No, strike that, the truth is the place is not that welcoming. On the surface it’s a sleepy English village, but dig a little deeper and there’s something a little …off centre about the place, as our new arrivals will be finding out.

Meet TRICIA BLACKBURN (Trish) and her mother, ALEXANDRA (Xandra), fresh from the US and set to make Raven’s Ridge their new home. Xandra is a reality TV star, a Ghost Whisperer whose show is gaining an audience for its low brow over the top take on the paranormal.  Problem is, Alexandra is a fake. Her mother was the genuine article, but the psychic gift has skipped a generation and jumped onto the shoulders her daughter, Trish.

Now Xandra makes ridiculous proclamations on her show ’Beyond the Grave’ about unsolved mysteries and ghostly appearances that Trish and her newfound friends have to solve.  

This live action adventure series (Riverdale meets Buffy meets Hot Fuzz) produced by Pukeko Pictures, sister company of Weta Workshop, and producers of Thunderbirds are Go!, The Wot Wot’s and Jane and the Dragon, showcases fantastic creatures and characters from the award winning Weta Workshop.

Created by Rich Correll (creator of Hannah Montana & The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) and Mike Polis (Yo Gabba Gabba!, Mirrormask). 


We Goblins Three


MATT (age 11) discovers a long forgotten portal in his back yard that connects our world with THE REALM - a place filled with all kinds of Magical Creatures.  Matt befriends three little goblins TILLY, TENG and TUK when he catches them transporting packages from one part of their world to another through his town via the portal. Matt does his best to get through his day at school with his best friend ARMAND and his sister EMMIE, but the Goblins are always up to mischief making his life intermittently fantastic and miserable.

This live action mixed media adventure series produced by Pukeko Pictures, sister company of Weta Workshop, and producers of Thunderbirds are Go!, The Wot Wot’s and Jane and the Dragon showcases fantastic otherworldly creatures from the award winning Weta Workshop that live and breathe in our world with real kids in real environments.

We Goblins Three. Sharp Teeth - Warm Heart…

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© 2017 ATE

© 2017 ATE