The Robotany Corporation's goal was to design the perfect bio-weapon. By combining scientifically enhanced plant hybrids and robot technology, they would create autonomous living machines with the ability of self regeneration and camouflage. The task was assigned to the Caraway scientists, mother and father to the twins Sienna and Bracken.


forces of good and evil are at war and nature hangs in the balance...

Reluctant to make such brutal creatures that would ultimately be unleashed into the world, the Caraway's secretly undermined the corporation using their own, covertly developed, nanotechnology plant hybrids. The results were astonishing: They created sentient beings capable of thought and compassion. These are the GROWBOTS.

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Helios - leader of the growbots

The first of his kind. Large and courageous, powered by the sun he can regenerate his damaged body. He has the uncanny ability to camouflage himself into his surroundings and elude detection.

Helios' mission is to lead his fellow Grobots in the conflict against the villainous Robotany creatures, trying to protect humans and living systems from harm.

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