One Hundred Souls

Ambrose Kaidan, an immortal ghost hunter is cursed with capturing and returning 100 ghostly souls in order to free his wife Elizabeth from The Ghost King. Jack, his 18 year old son is along for the ride and resentful that he’s there. A horror graphic novel by Atomic Toybox Ent.

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corrupted souls walk the earth with the power to posess the weak

It started seemingly innocently enough. A lost dog, missing cats and small animals were reported on occasion. Then there were missing people. A couple of kids – teens assumed drowned in lovers suicide during a storm off the beach. No bodies recovered, but the sea is unforgiving. Then a worker on a power line – seemingly possessed – laughing demonically and crackling with energy – sending bolts of electricity from his fingers shocking those around him. Listed as a freak accident. He’s still in intensive care. What, is going on?

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A Five issue limited series

Present day, Portland ME, and Jack is on the run.  For years he was seemingly abandoned by his father - an older weathered New Englander – Ambrose. Now that Ambrose is back in his life,  Jack’s seen some strange things, learned some strange rituals but it’s not really what he wants to be doing. Now it’s all gone to hell and he’s got to figure out a way to finish Ambrose’s last assignments and rescue him in the process. Jack’s got a guilty conscience. He should. It’s his own damned fault he’s in this predicament.

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Spirits have been wandering around since time immemorial. Some are just left behind, some don’t want to leave and some are just lost. None of these are really dangerous if you know what to do. But some, yes some, have escaped from another place. They’ve been corrupted and are corrupting the world we live in. There are enough of them that are out. They need to be stopped before it’s too late...